comfortable Camps


3twenty’s workforce housing solutions are ideal for organizations looking to combine durable exteriors with comfortable interiors. Although we have a number of standard camp plans, we prefer to work with our clients to determine their housing needs, timelines, and budget. We have built small rig camps designed to move frequently, 20-40 person exploration camps designed to be semi-permanent and expandable, and large 180 person multi-storey permanent camp facilities. 

a few of our advantages:

  • Standard and custom plans available
  • Steel structure provides enhanced durability
  • Multi-storey options
  • Container building block allows easy stacking
  • Combine units for larger, open spaces
  • Spray foam insulated ensuring an efficient building envelop designed for Canada’s cold winters and hot summers
  • Scope can include, design, build, install, permitting

"The problem is, you take a wood-framed trailer and put it on a drill well site in northern Alberta, then try to move it in frozen weather and over tough roads. They are very hard to deal with and are probably susceptible to rapid deterioration while 3twenty’s units aren't. They don’t twist, they don’t crack, they don’t break and you can pick them up with a fork lift."

- Neil McMmillan, former CEO of Claude Resources