If one of our standard floor plans and specifications don't suit your needs or budget or requirements, we can build something that will. We are setup for custom design and build projects, which gives us the flexibility to provide more conventional modular buildings. Below are some examples of custom products we have worked on. 



3twenty has developed a number of school portable products. Ranging from 12x40 to 24x55 modules, our school portable projects can be designed and built to fit a number of budgets and site plans. Our non-combustible and stackable portable options allow for easy integration and expansion to existing schools.




We have worked with utilities, electrical contractors, and engineering firms to design and build specialty enclosures used for a variety of purposes, including housing electrical and instrumentation equipment. These buildings can be designed to be a variety of sizes, be easily moved or fixed to a foundation, and serve as additions to other buildings.




Often times modular structures have additional requirements - staircases, landings, skids, steel window covers - that 3twenty can help design, engineer, and fabricate.