Size: ~15,850 ft2   Timeline: 59 days   Year: 2013

Project Summary

The Canadian Forces Base located in Cold Lake, AB, referred to as 4 Wing Cold Lake, is the busiest fighter base in Canada. It provides general purpose, multi-role, combat capable forces in support of domestic and international roles of Canada’s Air Force.  4 Wing hosts an international annual air combat exercise, called Maple Flag. This attracts hundreds of people to 4 Wing, and in turn, struggled to accommodate and house these visitors. 

Defence Construction Canada published a tender asking for as close to 180 person beds as possible for a specified budget. 3twenty responded to the tender with an innovative modular design that gave us the competitive edge for this project.

The Details

  • Incredibly ambitious timeline - 59 days to design, build and install 180 person accommodation complex
  • 3 storey complex with exterior staircasess
  • 90 bedrooms (double occupancy), fully furnished
  • 24 private bathrooms
  • 6 laundry rooms
  • Scope included foundation, installation, water/sewer upgrades, hookup and commissioning 


Size: ~15,000ft2   Timeline: 14 weeks   Year: 2015,2016

Project Summary

The Regina Catholic School Division (RCSD) is one of the fastest growing school divisions in Saskatchewan. With increasing enrolment and evolving demographics in Regina, RCSD needed more classroom space. 

3twenty Modular responded to a public tender to design, build, and place relocatable classrooms for RCSD. The division test-drove 3twenty in 2015 to ensure we could deliver to RCSD’s high quality standards and tight timelines. After a successful project, RCSD doubled the contract size in 2016.

The Details

  • Built from four 24’ x 50’ steel framed modular structures with built in craning points
  • Collaborative design approach with customer to ensure our design integrates with existing schools, portables, and mechanical and electrical systems within
  • Structure designed to reduce foundation requirements
  • Special attention to exterior design to ensure seamless integration with existing building
  • Contract awarded in May of each year and delivered by end of July. 


Size: ~6,000 ft2   Timeline: 12 weeks   Year: 2016

Project Summary

The Canadian Light Source (CLS), located at the University of Saskatchewan, is a world-class, state-of-the-art facility that is advancing Canadian science, enhancing the competitiveness of Canadian industry and contributing to the quality of life of people around the world. This research centre continues to grow, and in turn, had a requirement to increase space for staff and researchers. 

3twenty Modular responded to a public tender to design, build, and install a modular office building expansion to accommodate this growth. Because of our unique design, cost effective proposal, and ability to deliver in a short time frame, we were the success proponent.

The Details

  • Built from four 22’ x 60’ steel framed modular structures, designed to fit within a specific land lease
  • Key priorities included spacious open office and lots of natural light to create an attractive work environment
  • Special attention to exterior design to ensure seamless integration with existing building
  • Corridor connecting to main building sits on top of a major utility corridor; in turn, the 70’ hallway had to be self supporting between the two ends and easily disconnected and removed in the event of a utility issue


Size: ~1,440 ft2   Timeline: 8 weeks   Year: 2016

Project Summary

The Regina Airport Authority hired Quorex Construction as a prime contractor and Pattison MGM as the architect to manage a number of expansions at their airport. One of the building projects was a screening facility for air side traffic. The project involved a pre-engineered steel building structure that vehicles could drive through, and needed to be attached to office space. 

The Details

  • Very high snow load requirement on modular building because of placement adjacent to pre-engineered building
  • Special design considerations given to integration and connection to the pre-engineered building
  • Strict architectural guidelines to be followed to ensure compliance with the rest of the airport expansion
  • Structure had to accommodate being unloaded and placed at grade
  • Very tight timeline