We believe the traditional method of building projects is broken.

With our design-build approach, collaborative spirit, and our win-win philosophy, we will provide you with a fun, positive, and rewarding building experience. 

Every project starts with an idea or a napkin sketch.

When you have an idea for a new project, and maybe a bit of a sketch, we want to hear from you. With an initial meeting, in person or online, we can quickly establish “project fit.” Together, we will assess your project needs, budget, schedule, and determine if 3twenty is the right partner for your construction project. During this phase, we take your napkin sketch and turn it into a general arrangement floor plan and a 3D render. If you like what you see, we will produce a budgetary estimate for approval to kick-start our collaboration. 

Let’s collaborate to design the details.

There are no worries if you have already hired an architect to bring your vision to life and just want to see if we can “modularize” the process – we’re happy to take a look. In most cases, even if the initial design was to be a site-build project, we are able to keep the modular design remarkably close to the original concept. We also provide some cost-saving design suggestions to keep budget in line. 

Once we have finalized the floor plan, we move into the design detailing phase to get your project ready for permitting and construction.

Code Review
This is the process of reviewing the preliminary drawings to better understand the code requirements for the design and the site. If not already identified, this review process will flag the needs for things like non-combustible construction, sprinklers, and other unique considerations for your project, to ensure the design meets the National Building Code of Canada.

These next stages of the design happen collaboratively and concurrently. 

Energy Modeling
It’s imperative that your new building is designed to at minimum meet the National Energy Code requirements. We move through a modelling process to prove to the Authority Having Jurisdiction that the building envelop, mechanical and electrical designs all meet energy requirements.

Mechanical Design
With the support of our mechanical contractor and mechanical engineers, we collaborate to create a mechanical design that will meet your project’s requirements. We have experience utilizing a variety of mechanical systems, like conventional furnaces, ERVs, packaged roof-top mechanical units, and boiler systems.

Electrical Design
With the support of our electrical engineer and electrical tradespeople, we work together to lay out an electrical system that provides you with the convenience and functionality you need. This includes items such as HVAC controls, lighting automation, data/IT integration, access control, and life safety systems.

Structural Design
It’s important that the building we design and build for you matches the life span of a site-built building, and this is where we focus on that value proposition. Although every building is different, we have engineered structural floor, wall and roof designs for combustible and non-combustible projects that have demonstrated their durability and our proven track record.

Architectural Design
Flat roof, sloped roof, brick exterior, hardy board, steel siding, atrium entrances; you name it, we can do it. This is where we get to have the most fun – designing the look and feel of the building. We will work with you to select in detail all the exterior and interior features, including flooring, doors, millwork, lighting, signage, and furniture.

Foundation Design
Our preferred, and most common, foundation design utilizes screw piles. Our floor structure is designed to sit directly on top of screw piles. We have also worked with driven piles, concrete piles, and many other foundation designs that suit the soil conditions and customer’s preference. We have also developed a conditioned crawl space detail to allow buildings to sit at grade.

Let’s get building.

Once we have completed the detailed design and filed the building permit, we move into procurement and construction. While we are constructing the building in our yard and shop, we will also initiate the civil work: clearing the site, excavation, site servicing, and foundation. One of the great advantages of our process is that the site preparation can happen at the same time as the building is under construction – the project’s schedule improves right from the start.

Once the buildings reach about 90% completion, we ship the building blocks to site. Using experienced building movers, we are often able to place the buildings directly on the foundation. For multi-story projects, we will crane the modules in place.

From there, we begin tying all of the buildings together to form one seamless building; this includes structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural. Once we are done with the tie-ins, it will be challenging for anyone, if not impossible, to locate the connection points.

A win-win experience.

For 3twenty, not only is it paramount that you are excited and satisfied about the end product we deliver, but it’s also especially important to us that you enjoyed the process to get there.  The traditional construction model often results in finger pointing, fighting over costs, and unnecessary stress. We believe that by taking a more collaborative, win-win design-build approach, the construction process can be far more positive and the end result meet or exceed expectations.

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