Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Saskatoon's riverbank is forever changed. 3twenty is proud to have played a part in that.

Project Summary

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan launched a capital campaign to raise $4,000,000 to help “Stage the Future” for a permanent amphitheatre-style home on the riverbank of the South Saskatchewan. 3twenty was approached to support the project by building some of the facilities. We were excited by the energy of the organization and the legacy of the project for our city, so we decided to contribute $50,000 to the campaign and got to work. 

Group2 Architecture in Saskatoon lead the design of the entire project, including the three buildings 3twenty built: the box office, the concession, and thee change room for artists. Original budgets were tight, so our team provided some recommendations to help reduce cost. We are proud of the collaboration between all partners to help bring to life this charming and functional permanent artistic space in the heart of Saskatoon.,

Project Details

Unique and modern roof lines with Tudor style architectural features

Challenging site constraints for placement and tie-in activity

Size: 1,488 ft2
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Built: 2020
"3twenty is not your average builder – they go far beyond that. Their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are critical to their ability to bring in innovative solutions to the table." They are also incredibly community-minded and are such wonderful and generous people." - Will Brooks, Artistic Director

Project Photos

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