Walkway Rentals


We rent pedestrian walkways / hoarding for construction sites where there is a requirement to provide covered walkways on sidewalks or for pedestrian access to a building that remains active during construction. Instead of site-building a covered walkway, 3twenty can provide a modular walkway option. 

Why go modular instead
of building on site?

  • Stackable: You can stack our offices or storage on top of our modular walkways allowing you to make great use of space on tight construction sites. 
  • Speed: Building on site means utilizing expensive labour and your timelines will be impacted by weather. Most site conditions are variable (ground quality, elevation changes, width, length) meaning site building will take on site troubleshooting and will take longer. Our units show up, get unloaded, and put together like lego blocks.
  • Cost: In most situations, our construction walkway solutions will be far more cost effective than building on site. 
  • Professional: Site-built walkways typically look "thrown together" and don’t weather well over longer construction projects. Our modular walkways look far more professional and can integrate your signage to be a billboard on site. 
  • Waste: A site-built walkway means you are tearing down and throwing away lumber used to build this temporary piece of infrastructure. 
  • Safety: If material or equipment fell from your construction site into a pedestrian path, our walkways are without questions safer for pedestrians.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us and we will help design a modular walkway system that will work with your construction site.